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A few chipcarvings by Jim Lompe

This is known as Kerbschnitzen in Germany

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Basswood plate I carved for Karen's birthday in 1992. This is a Norwegian style design. This is one of my favorite carvings.

I designed this to resemble a stained glass window. It is Panamanian mahogany

This is a close-up of the rossette . The wood was great to carve in. I carved this around 1992 or 93.

Basswood clock about 7" across finished with Minwax stain. I've made many of this type of clock, each with a different design.

Mantle clock with basswood face and walnut case. It is about 10" wide.

I designed this heart for Karen while I was at the advanced NCO course in Virginia in 1987. I carved it when I got home.

Basswood nameplate I made for SFC Lopez when we were in Panama in 1990. The ends have his rank and the AG regimental crest,

Early nameplate from around 1985 or 86.

This is an early 1900s German design from a Rick BŁtz book. It is butternut. I carved this for my Uncle Ron in 1985.

Basswood frame I made to fit a 35mm photo of Karen and myself.

Basswood plate I carved for my Mother a few years ago.

Basswood boxlid I completed in 1996. It's the Swiss Lace design from a Wayne Barton Book.

This is a spoon and Christmas ornament that I won ribbons with at the Northeast Iowa Woodcarvers Show in Waterloo Iowa in 2006.

Norwegian Breadboard I won a first Place ribbon on at the Northeast Iowa Woodcarvers show. It is mahogany with a tung oil varnish top coat.

50th Anniversary Plaque for my parents.I won a 3rd Place ribbon on at the Northeast Iowa Woodcarvers show. It is Basswood with a Krylon clear top coat.