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Jim & Karen's Christmas Page

These are just a sample of what we have made for Christmas. Christmas items were usually our best selling items at craft fairs, plus they are fun to make!

This is a traditional Angel that was in Better Homes and Gardens "Wood" Magazine several years ago. It was finished with oil paints and then waxed.

This is a variation of the previous angel. I added a belt and changed the hair.

This is another angel with variations in hair, wings, and color.

This angel is straight out of Ron Ransom's book. The wreath can be replaced with a heart. The other ones I made had different wings and they held a trumpet.

I designed and made this German-style Christmas pyramid when I was in Panama. It is made of basswood with an oil finish.

These are two examples of Father Christmas. The left one is basswood and the other is pine. Both are finished with acrylics. The red one has a lead weight in the bottom so it will stand up.

Another one from Ron Ransom. I still do not have him painted yet. He's made of basswood.

The left Santa is from Ron Ransom's book but changed a bit to use as a hanging ornament. It is basswood. The other is my first Santa and is my design.

This is an adaptation of the previous Santa. This one is about 1/4" thick for use as an ornament.

I saw eggs similar to these at a Woodcraft store near St. Louis. I've sold a lot of these guys. As you can see, each one is quite different.

These ornaments are from a Chris Thompson pamplet. Most of the items in her book were pretty traditional.They're fun and not too hard to make.

My wife mde this nativity about a year or so ago. She used acrylics on baltic birch plywood.

My wife made these ornaments this year. She used acrylics on Baltic birch plywood.

She used wire as hanger for these but you can't see it in the pictures very well.

These looked great on the tree!

Once again, these pictures were done with a Snappy.