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A Handful of Figure Carvings

by Jim Lompe

Adirondack hermit from a Rick BŁtz book. This is the first person I carved. I did this around '85/86. He is basswood with oil paints.

The guy in the middle is from a "Wood" magazine article about charicatures by Keith Randich. The other two are adaptations of him. It looked like fun, so I thought I'd give it a shot. They're finished with acrylics except for the small one. I didn't bother to paint him.

This one is an original design. I had started him a few years ago but didn't finish him until I got to Germany in '96. He is carved from a solid piece if basswood.

Another veiw of him. The wood is from a downed tree from Fort Harrison, IN. I used a very light stain of burnt umber and raw sienna oil paints and then paste wax.

Another variation on the "Wood" caricature. He's holding a compass and a map of Fort Leonard Wood, MO.He's finished with acrylics. Painting the camouflage uniform was a pain, but turned out OK.

This is a small deer that I did a long time ago. It's from an old "Popular Mechanics" book. The design is by E.J. Tangerman. It's walnut finished with Watco Danish Oil.

This is an original frog that I carved for a friend's mother. It's basswood with a natural finish.

I carved this fish for my wife in '83. The fish is butternut and the wave is walnut. They are both finished with Watco Danish Oil. The fish's eye is a natural worm hole.

This is supposed to be me holding my euphonium(baritone horn). It's one-piece basswood except for the mouthpiece. That was carved separately and pinned on. It's finished with acrylics and sprayed with clear Krylon.

This was carved for the "Virtual Porch" project that I was involved with through the Woodcarver's mailing list run by Bill Judt. There are a lot of carvers from all over the world that sent carvings in for this. The porch is being shown at various carving shows throughout the country.