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A few relief carvings by Jim Lompe

This is an eagle that I made for my son David. The pattern is from an Anthony Hillman book. It is pine with acrylic paint.

This is also from an Anthony Hillman book. I won a 3rd place ribbon at a Cicrcle City Carvers show in '91 or '92. It is solid basswood with oil paints.

This is a plaque I carved for an NCO that was leaving our unit. This is the 1st Armored Division patch inside the old symbol for Army Bands. It's stained with burnt umber and raw sienna oil paints.

This is a bad photo of a sign I carved in Panama in 1990. It's about 32" wide and carved from 2" thick mahogany tinted with oils then top coated with marine spar varnish. The boat is from a photo of it going the other way. I had to "turn it around" on paper until it looked finally right.

This woodspirit is from a Rick BŁtz book. I carved this for my son Matthew. He dragged a piece of sycamore home and wanted me to carve something out of it-this was the result. It is finished with paste wax.

These are plaques I carved at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. The left one was for my commander, CW3 Pace when she left. It is red sycamore from a river. It's about 150 years old. The Selmer saxophone was for First Sergeant Burnette when he retired. It is mounted on beech.