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Love Spoons

By Jim Lompe

I first saw Welsh love spoons at a Christmas Bazaar at Ramstein Airbase in Germany in 1996. There was a booth there called the "Love Spoon Gallery". She had many beautiful spoons in different styles and woods. My wife saw one that she liked, but I said I would carve it for her instead of buying it. We saw the same lady again at Ramstein two years later. My wife wondered when I was going to carve the spoon that I said I would carve two years ago? Two weeks later she finally had her spoon. I had told the owner of the Love spoon gallery that I was a carver. She wasn't offended at all at this and even suggested that I try and do some. She also showed me some special spoons she had in the back of the booth. They were very ornate and expensive.

I've done a few more spoons that what's on the page here. I'll try and get the other ones up soon. The basic designs are from carvers in Wales. These spoons range from 9"-11" in length.

This is the spoon that my wife was so patient about. It is basswood stained with Minwax Early American stain.

I carved this spoon for a friend that was moving back to the States. It is basswood with a tung oil varnish finish. I carved the spiral rosette before I cut out the spoon.

This was for my parent's 57th wedding anniversary. It is Panamanian mahogany with a tung oil varnish finish.

I carved this one for our 20th wedding anniversary. This one was on time! It is also mahogany with a tung oil varnish finish.

Here are the meanings behind some of the symbols in love spoons.


BELL-Weddings, Anniversaries

VINE-Love grows


DOUBLE SPOON-Togetherness

HEART SHAPED BOWL-Full and bountiful life


KNOT-Everlasting togtherness

Click here to visit The Love Spoon Gallery to see Love Spoons from Wales that are available to purchase.