I was in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts when I was a kid. Now I have my two boys in Scouts and I'm the Scoutmaster and my wife is the committee secretary. We're in troop 150 in Waynesville, Missouri. It's a fairly active troop where we try and go camping at least once a month along with other troop activities.

We attended summer camp at Camp Arrowhead, which is near Marshfield, Missouri. We all had a good time there, along with a lot of learning. A couple of our boys that were in the wilderness survival program even got to find out how grasshoppers tasted! This was the first summer camp for several of the boys, and they really liked it. The facilities were pretty good there and the staff was great! Going to the Universal Challenge Center was one of the activities that we've recently done. We did a service project the first day there and did several of the high ropes challenges the second day. The boys learned a lot about themselves and a bit about teamwork. Our Troop had it's 1 year anniversary last July and we're looking forward to many more years of Scouting here.

Our last troop was in Germany, which offered a unique opportunity for international scouting. We had Intercamp in Bad Kreuznach. There were troops from Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and U.S. military sponsored troops. There were about 3,000 scouts here. The kids got to meet a lot of the other scouts, and did some patch and neckerchief trading. We also did a 50 miler along the Rhein River in 1998. In the summer of 1999, we did a 50 miler was along the Rhein up to Koblenz, and then up the Mosel River. It ended up being over 100km- about 65 miles. My oldest boy, who was 12 at the time, did a great job hike. His feet ended up in better shape than mine!

We also had our had our summer camp at Camp Freedom.The boys worked very hard . We earned the Superior Clean Camp Award, Honor Troop, 2 Honor Patrols, and the Participation Ribbon. The boys earned a total of 55 merit badges.



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