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I started carving when I was in Boy Scouts (early '70s) but lost interest in it. A trip to the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa in 1980 got me going again when I saw a carving demonstration. I didn't really do much till around 1981, when I carved a small horse for a friend. That one only cost me 5 stitchs in my left hand. I mainly taught myself through books by E.J. Tangerman, Rick BŁtz, Wayne Barton, and others. I managed to learn a bit about carving and my wife and I started a craft business. I've sold quite a few carvings over the years and even got a couple of ribbons at a Circle City Carvers show near Indianapolis. Over the last year or so, I've been part of the woodcarvers mailing list. There are members from many countries that I've been able to "meet" on the computer. I even had a wonderful visit with Ainslie Pyne from Australia as she started her European/American trip. I carve in several different styles; relief, figure, and chip carving. I enjoy them all and saw wonderful examples of them in Germany and Switzerland. I was also introduced to Welsh Love Spoons over there. They are a lot of fun to carve and there are endless variations and styles. I hope you enjoy the carvings.


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